Sunday, October 19, 2008


I love reading the column, 'The Siege Within' by M J Akbar in the Sunday Times of India. This week he has written on a subject that should make every one of us pause and think. The article 'Identity wars trump class wars for India's poor'. This article is just brilliant and captures what is going on in our country today. It is indeed shameful to see the barbaric acts of some of our countrymen - probably misguided by narrow political considerations. Whatever be the reason, we the people of India must ensure that we live up to the grand visions of our founding fathers , as enshrined in our Constitution.

I have to quote the last few lines verbatim, as there can be no better way of expressing my feelings too on this particular subject than what has been written by M J Akbar. He says, 'Indian Muslims are bitter, but it would be foolish of them to permit this bitterness to ferment into bile. Any government is a passing phenomenon; the nation is a permanent asset. Governments can fracture; a nation must hold. When those in power fail, it becomes vital that we, the people, Hindu and Muslim and Christian, reach out to preserve the common good. Common sense is often the best recipe for for the common good; alas, that is the first thing that a victim abandons'.

How true Mr. Akbar. I do hope that better sense prevails. Our strength is unity in diversity. Let us not make it our biggest weakness. We the common people must resist this divisive politics by every means possible. Jai Hind.

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