Sunday, December 7, 2008


I was surfing the internet trying to get more information on Quantam Physics and happened to hit upon this website - address is given below. The site has a wealth of information, and also had this prominent para that I found absolutely fascinating. What attracted me to this para even more is the fact that the last few days have been very difficult for most Indians and everybody wants things to change - we are tired of our politicians and our political system. This para gives one an insight into how we can change our system. Quote.
"Attracting desirable conditions like a Magnet with our emotionalized, focused thoughts is easier than constant efforts at manipulating the outside world.
Do you look in the mirror and wait for your reflection to smile?
No, you smile and the reflection returns it.
It's how Reality works.
Change who you are first, and this becomes your world".
I was very pleasantly surprised to find a blogger who had already made a promise to change, and her reasoning was something very similar to the logic given in this para above. We sure are on the right track.



wel its just amazing...whoa ...wot a profound revealation...!!!i never knew abt dis..
thx a lot sir for this article..
hve a gud day...

J P Joshi said...

Swagatika: Simple and true too. One just has to try this!!!

Zlaek said...

"Attracting desirable conditions like a Magnet with our emotionalized, focused thoughts is easier than constant efforts at manipulating the outside world."

This, sir, is surely the way. But its just a beginning. I don't know when or how, but this is how i have been. And everything has been utterly unbelievably smooth in my short life so far. No complaints. Almost unrealistic. And very interesting. But there's more to it.
There follow a number of realizations, some of which bring you to dead ends. And most of which that direct you towards dead ends.
The way we are is probably right. That most of us fight, struggle, complain, shout, fear, dispair, experience helplessness... is probably just correct.
When we change ourselves and perfect our own world, soon there's nothing to live for.
(I dont mean to sound dramatic.. i've tried my best to put it in words to get closest to the meaning i intend)

J P Joshi said...

I am really amazed..... you have a good feel of the right thing at this young age. Don't let this feel go... there will be a time when the dead ends would show you new beginnings, I believe. You are absolutely on the right track which even I have not been able to rigidly follow at my age too. Don't know what else to say to some one who is way ahead of her physical age.

Zlaek said...

I have reason to buy your opinion about the dead ends-- you've been through a lot many more situations than I.
I shall hope and wait for that to materialise (and also because considering the true sense of the term dead-end -- there aren't really choices).
Thanking you sir.